Making sure you have good virus protection is key in a Windows environment, but not in a Mac or Linux one.

However, bloatware, adware, and just generally unwanted programs can affect them all. We'll start with virus protection. Many people say that Microsoft Security Essentials is good enough, and that's it. (built into windows 8, install-able in windows 7 and XP) However, in our experience, it is NOT. Your best bet is a third party security program.


Norton lets all kinds of adware and viruses through and slows your machine down as well. If you have it, uninstall it, and get something else.

Now, there is anti-virus and anti-malware. They are different. Anti-malware block all of the new stuff that just came out, while not necessarily all of the older stuff. There are few good anti virus and anti malware programmes out there. Use something for protection (just not Norton). If you think you may still have issues with this, drop us a line .... Bloatware, adware, and tons of others might not be VIRUSES, or steal information, but they slow down your computer, and are useless. These are installed by the user, either accidentally, or by ads on the internet making you think you want/need it. To avoid it, read installers carefully, and know exactly what it's doing. I also recommend you install Google Chrome and use adblock to get rid of ads, making it much easier.

Chrome is also the fastest when it comes to javascript, but if you don't know what that it, it's not important, but it 's used for almost all websites. To get rid of these pointless programs, go to your applications or programs lists, and weed through what they all are. Doing this should give you a speedup if they are there. Bottom line: Get good anti-virus and anti-malware if you are on a Windows PC, and make sure you don't have adware or bloatware. We can help you clean up and stay clean!