This is the age of technology. All of us are inevitably and heavily dependent on technology to run our lives. One of the most important gadgets in our lives is the computer. We use our computers for communicating with others, for studying and researching, for recreation, work and what not. We store huge amounts of extremely important data in our computers. The computer is no longer just a machine; rather, it has become an extremely important part of our lives.

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations always spell doom for the computers. We should never make the mistake of running our computers without a UPS system. A UPS system or Uninterrupted Power Supply system is the best bet in order to protect our computers from power issues. Often, power cuts not only lead to the loss of data, they may also damage the internal hardware components of the computer. The recovery of the lost data is often impossible, and also leads to waste of precious time, money and energy.

The process of systematic shut down is important in order to keep the computer running smoothly. Also, it is extremely important to save all your data. All this can be achieved with the help of a UPS. A UPS system is primarily designed to provide enough power to your computer in times of need for you to save all your work and shut the computer properly. The UPS is also designed to protect your PC from voltage fluctuations. High voltage may lead to overheating, that can seriously damage the computer. Low voltage, on the other hand, prevents the optimum performance of the computer. A UPS system prevents all these problems. A UPS also provides protection against power surges, spikes and saps. Whenever there is an overloading of the main power line, there is a chance that your computer might suffer damage. This too can be prevented by using a UPS system.

The UPS system may have a number of outlet connections. All of these outlet connections usually provide power surge protection, while some of them provide both power surge protection as well as a thorough battery back-up for the computer. While choosing a UPS for your computer, it is important to know your needs and choose a UPS accordingly. There are a variety of UPS systems available in the market. The power protection may range from just about a minute to twelve hours or more, depending on how much your budget and requirements are. They come with an alarm that helps the user to know when they are at the end of their power source. Some of them provide just enough time for the person to save all his or her work and switch the computer properly, while the rest provide much more time, and the person can just continue with his or her work till the main source of power is back. In any case, one must purchase a UPS system in order to protect one’s computer from damage.


Credibility and Ownership are just a few. Read for More Advantages that will compel you to have your own Registered Domain Name to Create your own Identity in Cyberspace.

A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. It is the address of your cyberspace. Owning a domain name gives you the same feeling that you get once you have in your hands the title deed for your newly purchased house. The sense of ownership is the most vital importance of domain name.

Getting a domain name registered is like getting your own business card. A person makes a number of evaluations about you on reading your visitor’s card. Similarly your domain name reveals so much about you and your website, on the first look, that it is nothing short of your own personal visitor’s card. Get a right domain name and get a good first impression.

If you are planning to create your presence felt on the internet, getting a domain name is perhaps the starting point. It opens the doorway to so many options on the internet which can only follow once you have a domain name registered under your name.

Let us read more about what other is the importance of domain name:

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Your data is valuable. It will cost you time and effort re-create it, and that costs money or at least personal grief and tears; sometimes it can't even be re-created, e.g. if it is the results of some experiments. Since it is an investment, you should protect it and take steps to avoid losing it.

There are basically four reasons why you might lose data: hardware failures, software bugs, human action, or natural disasters. Although modern hardware tends to be quite reliable, it can still break seemingly spontaneously. The most critical piece of hardware for storing data is the hard disk, which relies on tiny magnetic fields remaining intact in a world filled with electromagnetic noise. Modern software doesn't even tend to be reliable; a rock solid program is an exception, not a rule. Humans are quite unreliable, they will either make a mistake, or they will be malicious and destroy data on purpose. Nature might not be evil, but it can wreak havoc even when being good. All in all, it is a small miracle that anything works at all.

Backups are a way to protect the investment in data. By having several copies of the data, it does not matter as much if one is destroyed (the cost is only that of the restoration of the lost data from the backup).

It is important to do backups properly. Like everything else that is related to the physical world, backups will fail sooner or later. Part of doing backups well is to make sure they work; you don't want to notice that your backups didn't work. Adding insult to injury, you might have a bad crash just as you're making the backup; if you have only one backup medium, it might destroyed as well, leaving you with the smoking ashes of hard work. Or you might notice, when trying to restore, that you forgot to back up something important, like the user database on a 50 user site. Best of all, all your backups might be working perfectly, but the last known backup drive you used was the one that now has a bucketful of water in it.

When it comes to backups, paranoia is in the job description.

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Pastel Xpress accounting software for small business has been developed with your specific business environment in mind.

It  includes only the features you need, without limiting you as your business starts to grow. Xpress small business accounting software comes with a single user and unlimited company licence, with the ability to purchase up to 2 additional user licences. You’ll be able to securely store 5 years of transactional data while being able to process the current, as well as previous, financial years. You are able to create a maximum of 30 cash books, and the inclusion of a General Ledger goes without saying.

  • Create your company in minutes with our customizable templates
  • Easily create, manage and customize invoices, quotes and purchase orders
  • Effectively create and manage customers and suppliers
  • Track your inventory in as much detail as you’d like
  • View business-critical information at a glance
  • Quickly perform common task with our intuitive interface
  • Add extra modules as and when your business needs them

fso Business Solutions supports, installs, configures and provides basic as well as detailed training for Pastel Accounting Software packages.

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Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Below is a listing of helpful suggestions on what to look for and what to ask when purchasing a new computer.

New vs. refurbished or used

If you are looking to save money buying a used or refurbished computer can save you money. A refurbished computer is a computer that has been returned to the company has been checked out as good but cannot be sold again as new. All major computer manufacturers have a refurbished section showing all their available refurbished products. Buying one of these computers instead of a new computer can save you thousands of rands.

In addition to refurbished computers individuals and companies for various reasons also sell their used computers. When buying these look out for the following.

Verify it has no physical damage (sometimes a little damage such as scratches are due to the way it is stored in warehouses -make sure tat you are happy with the product) by inspecting the ports as well as the inside and the outside of the case. Make sure you pay for what you are getting. Realize that many computer manufacturers will not transfer the computer warranty from the old user to you, so be sure that you are getting some form of warranty.

At fso Business solutions we have saved clients tens of thousands of rands by supplying them refurbished machines. As difficult as it may be to believe we have found that refurbished machines from branded companies such as lenovo & HP outlast new machines that are not branded & have far less problems & come at a fraction of the price. To put it another way if one had to replace a refurbished machine due to problems with a refurb machine (which has never happened in our experience) the cost will still be less than purchasing a new machine with the same specs.

Please note fso Business solutions supply new machines as well & as such leave the decision to the client. Our job is to advise.

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The real question however is, will just a free/simple Anti-Virus be enough?
Antivirus software is one layer among several layers.

Depending on the type of threat, it can be very helpful, even if you consider yourself an expert PC user, but it is not a magic bullet, and it is no replacement for a well-rounded approach to security. Consider that most free AV’s don’t have a firewall, End Point Security or Content Security/Blocker, leaving you vulnerable to a whole array of threats.
Good behaviour alone is not enough to protect you from attacks.

Visiting objectionable sites and downloading pirated software puts you at a much higher risk of infection, but even legitimate web sites can be compromised, and seemingly innocent results in a search engine can lead to hostile sites. Many types of malware are installed voluntarily.
Among the most common threats are Trojans, which spread via social engineering. The job of a malware writer is to convince you to run his innocent-sounding program, which secretly does something other than its stated purpose. It might claim to be a new video playback plug-in but actually turns out to be a program that hides on your PC and steals passwords or sends spam. Browsing isn’t the only attack vector through which malware can enter your system, most times it’s as easy as plugging a flash drive into your computer.

  • Productivity - Statistics show that the average employee wastes 2 hours of every work day by using the internet for non-work related purposes. How does that translate into money for your business? Improve your staff productivity by preventing unauthorised internet access.
  • Internet Access Control - By limiting the sites your staff can access you also limit the risks associated to the internet and you curb the loss of productivity.
  • Application Control –With eScan you control the software allowed to be used on a computer or set time restrictions of when it may not be used. This will ensure that your staff do not use software that is not work related.
  • USB Control – More than 25% of all viruses spread through USB devices. How many memory sticks are floating around in your office and where have they been lately? Don’t worry, eScan has you covered. You can prevent virus infections and data theft by blocking USB devices, setting a password to access a USB device and forcing a virus scan whenever a USB device is used.
  • Remote Support – How many times have you had a problem on your network of computers that you could not resolve yourself?
    Some times these problems are not very complex and the fso team can use remote support to fix your issues.
    And if you are using escan there is no charge.

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Sage Pastel Partner Advantage is the ideal business solution, giving you the ability to effectively manage your money and your business. After all, accounting isn’t only about getting the numbers right, it’s also about what you are able to do with those numbers. With Sage Pastel Partner Advantage in the equation, you’ll go beyond accounting.

The combination of ease-of use, innovation and flexibility makes Sage Pastel Partner Advantage the perfect accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Suited to a multi-user and multi-company environment, this rapid processing business accounting application has been the mainstay of South African business for over 20 years. There are various modules which can be added on to Sage Pastel Partner, so that as your business grows, so too does your financial accounting package!

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