The real question however is, will just a free/simple Anti-Virus be enough?
Antivirus software is one layer among several layers.

Depending on the type of threat, it can be very helpful, even if you consider yourself an expert PC user, but it is not a magic bullet, and it is no replacement for a well-rounded approach to security. Consider that most free AV’s don’t have a firewall, End Point Security or Content Security/Blocker, leaving you vulnerable to a whole array of threats.
Good behaviour alone is not enough to protect you from attacks.

Visiting objectionable sites and downloading pirated software puts you at a much higher risk of infection, but even legitimate web sites can be compromised, and seemingly innocent results in a search engine can lead to hostile sites. Many types of malware are installed voluntarily.
Among the most common threats are Trojans, which spread via social engineering. The job of a malware writer is to convince you to run his innocent-sounding program, which secretly does something other than its stated purpose. It might claim to be a new video playback plug-in but actually turns out to be a program that hides on your PC and steals passwords or sends spam. Browsing isn’t the only attack vector through which malware can enter your system, most times it’s as easy as plugging a flash drive into your computer.

  • Productivity - Statistics show that the average employee wastes 2 hours of every work day by using the internet for non-work related purposes. How does that translate into money for your business? Improve your staff productivity by preventing unauthorised internet access.
  • Internet Access Control - By limiting the sites your staff can access you also limit the risks associated to the internet and you curb the loss of productivity.
  • Application Control –With eScan you control the software allowed to be used on a computer or set time restrictions of when it may not be used. This will ensure that your staff do not use software that is not work related.
  • USB Control – More than 25% of all viruses spread through USB devices. How many memory sticks are floating around in your office and where have they been lately? Don’t worry, eScan has you covered. You can prevent virus infections and data theft by blocking USB devices, setting a password to access a USB device and forcing a virus scan whenever a USB device is used.
  • Remote Support – How many times have you had a problem on your network of computers that you could not resolve yourself?
    Some times these problems are not very complex and the fso team can use remote support to fix your issues.
    And if you are using escan there is no charge.

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